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Regardless of earnings report or what the Federal Reserve does, everyday the Strategic Options Algorithm produces, Buy, Sell or Hold signals on over 1,000 stocks.


The same properity algorithm that drives equities will also be available for stock options soon as well.


Don't have time to trade stocks, Strategic Options has portfolios available for your retirement fund.


Stocks signals are a pure algorithmic strategy. Not Passively managed, not actively managed, algorithmically managed.

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Chad Humphrey

CEO & Founder

Our Mission

While on a combat tour in Camp Fallujah (09/05–04/06) with the Marine Corps, Chad was part of a task force involved in the development of a classified database tracking significant events in the Al-Anbar province. Once data had been collected, the task force wrote algorithms to sift through the mounting database to find trends and correlations. The information was passed on to ground force commanders, who where able to turn it into actionable intelligence, destroy the enemy, and save Marine lives. Although every Marine is a rifleman, sometimes data analysis can have a lethal effect on the unsuspecting enemy.

If we knew where the market was going we would all be rich!

In the summer of 2010 using similar mathematical strategies as previously described, Chad created a mathematical strategy for an investment advisory firm in Denver. In late September the algorithmic strategy was employed across the advisory firms portfolio in the fall of 2010. In December of 2010, the advisory firm won a Lipper fund award for a portfolio that employed this algorithm. (U.S. Balanced/Multi-asset (All Styles) Ranked # 1 ROR 17.45%) Since that time Chad has taken his propriety algorithm and continued to increase it’s power and accuracy. The algorithm currently tracks and trades over 600 stocks, ETFs, and options. Currently, the algorithm has been employed across 3 portfolios, Quatro Kinetic, Hardline, Robot Defender. Chad has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College and an MBA from Pepperdine University. While at Occidental College, Chad enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. In December 2004, received a commission as Chief Warrant Officer.Chad Humphrey While serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Chad was awarded his second Navy Achievement Medal. Chad Humphrey is the founder of Strategic Options, LLC, an algorithmic quant fund in Denver, Colorado and veteran owned business.